Snow Goose Windsock Decoys 2.0 New and Improved

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Snow Goose Windsock Decoys 2.0 New and Improved

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Six reasons why our Windsocks 2.0 should be in your spread:

1- Larger in size

2- Four pieces stitched together for a realistic full body shape. All other socks are two pieces - pancake look. We provide alot more realism and visibility

3- Original Dupont Tyvek. A durable material made in the USA. Not a knock off Chinese material that will easily rip in strong winds. No more rips.

4- Not assembled in China but Mexico. Closer to home and better quality

5- Very fast shipping from Pocatello Idaho. On average, you will receive them within 5 days after you order

6- Affordable price. Actually, when comparing to other quality windsocks on the market we are 30% less expensive.

Detailed description

  • Price is for 12 windsock decoys
  • Magnum size windsock snow goose decoy (larger than most windsock decoys)
  • Triple seam structure for a realistic shape
  • Highest quality Dupont Tyvek
  • Folding heavy duty backbone
  • Push handle
  • 2 drain holes 
  • Sharpened fiberglass stake
  • Fully assembled
  • 24 inch stakes made from high grade fiberglass
  • Windsock dimensions: Length: 22 inches Width: 14 inches, Height: 10 inches

If you choose to buy a sample it will be one decoy picked at random. Price of a single decoy is $10

 Contact us for orders over 50 dozen - additional bulk discounts available.





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