About Us

"When we first opened, we completely sold out in 3 weeks. We were expecting our inventory to last a whole year." It was the kind of problem every store dreams of. The first Blackscoter prototype store had swung open its doors in Montreal. The reaction on the part of shoppers was enthusiastic, to say the least. "The rush never stopped as long as we had inventory," explained manager Tony Saoumaa, back in July 2017. "We're really excited about it... really excited!"

The original Blackscoter store was without frills. No product advertising, no store displays, no pro staff, no elaborate packaging. "It doesn't bother me a bit," replied first day customer Raymond M. when asked about the lack of curb appeal. "I've saved a couple dollars with this order."

Blackscoter introduced some highly innovative retailing concepts to consumers. While most sporting goods retailers carried thousands of items, we featured only 5 items. And many of the products were themselves no frills, namely no brand names, the line of generic products launched by Blackscoter just months earlier. With their distinctive orange theme, bold lettering, and low prices, no brand name, was proving a big hit with hunters. They're a lot cheaper than name brands, most of them are just as good and some of them are even better, commented one shopper.

Blackscoter was able to pass on even more savings by producing large quantities of a single item. Achieving scale and tightly managing cost.

At a time when consumers are feeling the pinch of high inflation, many are only too happy to give up the frills to save money at checkout.

Blackscoter quickly converted to exclusively online only and opened a warehouse in Pocatello Idaho serving clients across the United States.

But with all that has changed over the last few years, the Blackscoter concept remains the same, focusing on great decoys, commitment to the waterfowling community and trusted low prices.