Which is better an A frame or Panel Blind (The pros and cons)

Which is better an A frame or Panel Blind (The pros and cons)

Avian X (Altan) or the Tanglefree Panel Blind. We have hunted out of both and here are the pros and cons.

Avian X or Altan A Frame (Go with Altan its the same but cheaper):


- Takes about 15-20 minutes to set up

- Holds well in strong winds

- Solid construction (but after 2 season) some of the poles broke. But I have to say it took a lot of beating and sometime we just leave in the field for a few days 

- Good for 3 hunters

- Can be grassed and rolled



- When it's cold and dark it is annoying to set up

- Heavy to carry

- Does not have an overhead cover

- Too small for 4 hunters

Tanglefree Panel Blind


- Less than five minutes to set up

- Very light and easy to carry

- Can be kept grassed and still easy to carry

- Better overhead cover

- Good for 3 hunters


- You need 2 panels + plus 2 sets of overhead cover = $800 which is more expensive than Altan A frame

- Too small for 4 hunters

- Doesn't hold well in strong winds even if pinned


It all depends what you value and where you hunt but for me - if I can save 15 minutes setting up and relieve some of the frustration of piecing together the frame. I prefer the Tanglefree Panels.

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